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How To Blow A Closed & An Open Tip

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I just wonder if the tip opening makes a difference in how you need to blow in a mouthpiece. If there is, what is there to adjust between a closed and open tip.

I'm curious about the subject because I've been playing this Jary custom Buescher and its a .115 tip opening. The sound of the big-chambered rubber mpc is just what I've been looking for but I'm used to .110 and it feels like I need to push tons of air through that thing.

So should I shed some more and eventually I'll gain the capacities to play the Buescher or should I get it closed down? If I need to change the tip opening, how closed would be too much? I think I prefer the sound of harder reeds as I can't bear reeds softer than LaVoz MH on the Buescher or my 7* Link so a smaller tip opening would be perfect but I'm afraid I'll have to adjust to a smaller opening as well...

Thanks in advance,
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If it takes too much air use a softer reed and you'll find the reed retains more of a bend than a harder one, effectively closing up the opening until it feels right. There will still be a substantial difference though because that softer tip will vibrate back and forth more and it will create a more complex sound with more overtones. The predominent effect will be a brighter sound. A harder reed will dampen a lot of those overtones and will not close up when you use a smaller tipped piece, but hard reeds can be difficult to blow on a larger tipped piece.

Does that help?
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