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How To Blow A Closed & An Open Tip

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I just wonder if the tip opening makes a difference in how you need to blow in a mouthpiece. If there is, what is there to adjust between a closed and open tip.

I'm curious about the subject because I've been playing this Jary custom Buescher and its a .115 tip opening. The sound of the big-chambered rubber mpc is just what I've been looking for but I'm used to .110 and it feels like I need to push tons of air through that thing.

So should I shed some more and eventually I'll gain the capacities to play the Buescher or should I get it closed down? If I need to change the tip opening, how closed would be too much? I think I prefer the sound of harder reeds as I can't bear reeds softer than LaVoz MH on the Buescher or my 7* Link so a smaller tip opening would be perfect but I'm afraid I'll have to adjust to a smaller opening as well...

Thanks in advance,
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LaVoz MH with a .115 tip is a pretty hard setup. I'm still growing into Mediums on my Link .110! You might want to try a slightly softer reed, although that can be a little difficult, since the LaVoz strengths are kind of far apart, in my experience.

If you like it the way it is, don't change it! See if you get used to it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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