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How to avoid "Chirping" high A

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Hello all!

In the last couple days I've been trying out Alexander Superial DC #3 Tenor Reeds, and overall I think they're really great. I do, however, consistently get a small squeak or chirp when I articulate high A on the tenor. Does anyone know why this happens or have any strategies to fix it? Everything in my setup is the same as it always is except the reed, and I've never had this issue before. Idk if it matters, but I'm playing a SYOS 6* on a Yani 991 tenor.
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well, did you play these reeds exclusively on this mouthpiece?

what happens , sometimes, when you switch reeds on different mouthpieces that they chirp because of the reed taking a certain shape, once you fit it on a different mouthpiece, the now different shape may no longer fit the table as intended.

there may be other issues too , (have you dropped your piece? Does it fit well)....
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