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How much is my Buescher True Tone Soprano Worth?

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I have a nice True Tone Low Pitch Silver Soprano with a serial number 51685. How can I find out more about this horn? It plays well and is in great shape. I would like to know an approximate value, if anyone could help.
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Straight, curved, silver, gold, lacquer, length, condition?
SearjeantSax said:
he says silver ;)
True, my bad. As it's curved, it might fetch over a grand on Ebay, but being keyed only to Eb3, it may not get that high. I have one of these horns and they're fantasitc players despite the limited range. Ain't too hard to get above it anyhow.
It won't have the F3 key. Not with that serial number. There will only be two side levers (right hand) and two side palm keys (left hand).
Buescher True Tone sopranos are highly regarded; though the common opinion is that the later ones are more prized. Yours is a fairly early model (hence the limited keyed range).
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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