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How much is my Buescher True Tone Soprano Worth?

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I have a nice True Tone Low Pitch Silver Soprano with a serial number 51685. How can I find out more about this horn? It plays well and is in great shape. I would like to know an approximate value, if anyone could help.
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Codyiac: Welcome to SOTW. I agree with most of Grumps' questions even though you did write "silver."

The serial number is a low one, meaning the horn is early '20's and lacks the more desirable roller G#. A button-G# is not a fatal flaw - I've played TT sopranos from that era and they played fine.

The shape (curved, straight, or tiopped-bell) is critical as is whether the horn is LOW PITCH or HIGH PITCH (should be stamped on the back near the serial number). And if curved, does the horn have keying to F3?

A complete description is necessary if we are to offer a pricing range (which in itself is a WAG). DAVE
Codyiac: Looks like we were all posting at about the same time.

I am not an expert on pricing these things - I only know about them and own two straight Buescher TT sopranos made in 1928. I was hoping someone else here could offer a price range and to do so, they'd need to know the answers to our questions.

I agree with Grumps that the older curved Bueschers without full keying are not as desirable as the later models. And, I think the market for curved vintage sops is limited in that some folks love 'em and some folks wouldn't pay much for one. I'm one who wouldn't pay much given that I already own what I consider to be the best curved soprano, Yanagisawa.

I recommend keeping it not only for the sentimental aspects but because the horn can be a player in today's music.

Value? I'm guessing under $1K. Could be wrong, though . . . DAVE
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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