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I'm not currently involved in church music, but in the situation I'm most familiar with, the EX-troit (post service music that accompanies the departure of most of the participants)
is as nice a touch as the instrumental introit, has helped set a nice mood of 'with the best conveyence effort we're able to put forth under your belt, now it's time to go out and try to live it' (chosen music seemed in that character - Introit was 'contemplative' ), and seems to help 'package' the service, hopefully leaving a nice taste with the fellow-worshippers... (In that case, the minister picked the featured music to complement the message...seems like at that time they had a 'two familiar, one newer' approach ...)...but certainly varies from place to place.

REALLY nice to se how it's being done his year...

Best Wishes,
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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