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Without checking on the computer at church I can't give a precise answer but I would guess there are about 250 songs in the folders. BUT many of these are rarely used. I would guess we use 30-40 on a regular basis at any one time. New songs come along fairly regularly (say one or two a month). We have all the songs in piano part and chords format. Most of our guys read pretty well so in the practice time we have it works ok. I wold prefer to move to just using chord charts but a lot of our melody players and keyboard players would not be able to cope with that. The idea of not using a song more than once in twelve weeks seems a bit scary. I can understand trying not to batter songs into the ground but that does seem over the top. Songs can get tired: We have just started to use Majesty (the one that continues ...worship His majesty etc) after a failry long lay off and I'm loving it, but it needed a long rest.
Sometimes it can be hard if your worship leader is pushing the band hard. Obviously it would be good to pray about it, but maybe you could also try to explain to your leader how hard it is to cope with so many songs and ask if you could reduce the rotation a bit?
Let us know how you get on.


1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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