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clarnibass said:
I think you are missing the analogy. There are similarities and there are differencnes just like any comparison and just because there are differences it doesn't mean it sucks.
That's true, but in this case, the differences are mostly major and the similarities are mostly superficial, so the analogy is quite poor.

clarnibass said:
By the way, when you play chess you are not only playing against someone, you are also playing with someone.
You are not playing "with" someone in the same way you play jazz "with"
someone. I've played chess against machines, by telephone, by
correspondence, etc. and that's all chess. There is no cooperation in chess,
accept for cooperating on the externalities like agreeing to play chess and
where to play. Communication isn't really a goal in chess either.

The audience isn't invited to participate, so I guess that's more like bebop than swing ;-).

Sure, you can make up correspondences. If you're even moderately clever,
you can make correspondences between just about any two things; this
doesn't seem like an interesting or fruitful one. I like jazz and chess, and
can imagine that lots of people do, but this analogy is very forced. I think
"jazz is like natural language" (notice how I use 'like a' not 'is a') is more
interesting one, but still arguable, as the many threads on the topic here will
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