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I would love to get it removed
I really like this horn and play it as my first choice. It’s a selmer 164. I bought it at a pawnshop and got a really good deal on it
But the dent is and eye sore to me. Asking for opinions and advice.
I am going to respectfully disagree with the above comments which suggest this is a more difficult, costly bow dent repair which must have the bowguard removed.

I have repaired plenty of this type of dent, and this bowguard isn't particularly hefty (compared to, say, a Martin's).

You can get it 80-90% 'better' simply by using mallet blows to a rod attached to a ball which sits inside the bow while the horn is inverted. Follow that up with some magnetic dent ball swipes, and the geometry will be back where it should be to the degree that in order to ascertain the bow was flattened any (once), you'd literally have to be 'looking for it'. IOW to the eye of most in most situations, the bow will look fine.

I for example could do this for around $50. For posterity sake, the dent of the original OP's horn ? I'd charge $20 if the customer had never walked into my shop before....

(I do agree if the customer wants the repair of @soulsax 's to 'look like - upon close inspection - nothing had ever happened to it'...removal of bowguard would be required and this would up the cost significantly).
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