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It’s a simple job for techs with experience in removing dents. I once had a dent lIke this on a shinny new tenor, only bigger in diameter. My tech took it out in no time and it looked like the dent had never been there.

It doesn’t sound like you tech is the right person to work on this. I’d look for the next closest band instruments repair shop.

it’s important to check whether the rest of the horn is ok. A dent like this indicates the horn being dropped and that usually put lots of things out of alignment. But if this is an old damage maybe the latter issues were already resolved. A good tech will be able to diagnose.

EDIT: @soulsax my bad, I didn't realize post #18 was referring to the guard bend in picture in post #17, not the OP’s. I agree with what's said in posts #22,23 below. repairing a dent under the bowguard is a much more involving job. If you don’t mind not having an original part on your horn I’d remove and throw away your bent bowguard, straighten the bow and install either a salvaged or a new replacement guard. Still a bigger job than the OPs simple dent.
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