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How do you take the edge off the Superking in the high register?

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I have a Ponzol M1 that gets a good jazzy tone for my old swing style band but I have an RnB gig coming up in a couple of weeks and I want the edgy , fat , Junior Walker thing. I'm very happy with the SK tone up to around F2 and then I have to watch out for alot of edge if I push it. Using a Rico Plasticover 2.5 since my cane reeds seemed to warp on the piece. (had the same prob with a Ponzol, must be in a black hole for reeds??). I have Plasticover 3s on order. Guardala owners, how did you get fat enough for jazz up top?? K
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Keith, I've played a lot of Guardala's and have noticed that many of them have extremely long facings, especially in the first few measurements from the tip; this leads to less stability in the altissimo, (more "split tones", wanted or not), at least for me. The Super King's small chamber exacerbates the problem, IMO. BTW, is the piece Lazer-Trimmed or "hand made"? I've noticed the Super King LT's have a smaller chamber than the old Guardala's Super Kings......daryl
Perhaps Im just the master of the obvious but are you pushing the top further than you need to? It has enough cut as is...perhaps just backing off a little will do it for you. Its easy to get carried away...espeically up top.
This is one of the new mass produced ones. I got it off ebay for 220 so it seemed like a deal. It can get shrill quick so I'll just have to learn to play with less effort. It is fast and improves my technique consideralbly. K
i agree -my technique seems to be at it best when i am blowing the super king-rest of the band thinks so too. as for how to get less edge up top-i cant help there. i bought this mpc to kick a#s and take no prisioners! the perfect jr walker type mpc. i use plasticovers on everything but this mpc as even i agree they are too much for it edge wise. i find plain rico,s work for me on this mpc.
Relieving the baffle by making a "lake" like found in many Bergs can help. But I would just try to back off on wailing too.

You may prefer a regular Guardala King or a Studio too.
I don't have experience with Guardala's, but plasticovers definitely aren't going to help, and I also think that LaVoz will be a better reed choice for a fatter sound up top. To my feeling the Ricos have a thinner cut tip which give a buzzier/brighter tone.
Hi Keith

Adrian here. Remember me? I love your lessons on Richard's site. You even emailed me a mp3 reply to my inquiries! Thats me...

I've been on a guardala SK for a long time. You need to get a reed that has my wood around the 'heart' area. A V16 would be nice. Maybe a #2.5
Dave Guardala recommended the ZZ reeds...heard that in an interview.
I personally love my Fibracell. I'm on a #2 cos I'm a light blower. You can try a #2.5 or even a #3.

Everyone's correct abt the Junior Walker sound. The SK was designed based on the sound of King Curtis...when Dave and his partner Jeff Powell were listening to the Coasters.

It takes some work to get used to the super-high baffle with the small chamber. But if your aim is to kick a** with your tenor...I cannot think of a more suitable mpc.

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It seems that the handmade SKs with slightly scooped-up side walls...just a little. I wonder why the LTs do not have that?
adriancwm said:

It seems that the handmade SKs with slightly scooped-up side walls...just a little. I wonder why the LTs do not have that?
Good question; I don't know why. I don't know how much difference it makes either. Either way Kings and SK's aren't for me, though I think they are fine pieces.....daryl
I have a hand made Guardala Studio, not as bright as your King, but still pretty bright. I use Vandoren ZZ #3's on it and have success with keeping it under control. Give the harder reeds a shot. Also, nothing can replace just getting used to that tupe of piece with it's big tip opening and high baffle. When I first started playing my Guardala I had to do alot of long tones and overtones in order to be able to control it.

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