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olpinkeyes said:
There's a band I met last week, called '!!!'. Pronounce that!
It's pronounced Chhk Chhk Chhk or any other 3 repeated sounds. Most call them Chhk Chhk Chhk since that was the first option for pronunciation on the sticker on the cover of the first record.

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Stanely Turrentine -- TUR-IN-TEEN or TUR-IN-TINE?

Actually I already know the answer but thought it might be a worthwhile addition since it used to trip me up.

But what a name at that--and not just the surname. At the risk of the PC crowd jumping all over me, I must say I have never heard of another African American with the first name Stanley--now a Jewish male, yes.... ;)

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Swingtone - if you know the answer, then you should go and tell this poor chap - he's been waiting for an answer since 2003... :(

It's got to be "teen"... :)

How about Stanley Clarke ? Or Stanley Jordan ?

As you can see from my avatar, I'm not African American, but I could take offence at the Jewish comment...;)
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