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In case anyone's curious...

After recently hearing someone pronounce the drummer Paul Motian's name "Mo-tee-ahn" I decided to look it up. I always thought it was just "Mo-shun." I found an interview with Motian saying the following (my paraphrase, if memory serves):

Due to Armenian descent, the correct pronunciation is "Mo-tee-uhn." At first, he tried to get everyone to pronounce it correctly, though most assumed it was "Mo-shun." But eventually, he gave up and now actually goes by "Mo-shun."

So, I'm going to keep saying "Mo-shun," mainly just because it sounds way cooler. You may not care, but I was curious, so now you have to hear about it.:D

...By the way, I say "Gar-dah-luh," but I have no reason to think that's correct, other than I can leest uh loodel.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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