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How do I clean this thing?

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Just bought a King Zephyr alto 1953 with pearl touches and double socket neck. Put a Runyon Custom Jazz #7 with the spoiler and the thing plays like a dream! Only I've never had a double socket neck. It is a little sticky when I put it on or take it off. How do you clean the gunk out of that tight space made by the double seal?
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With a ear swab. You can do anything with an ear swab. ;)
Except clean your ears. Even my doctor says don't stick them things in there!
yup, get the Q tips out!
You can also use Q tips to jam most keys of a horns for shipping.

Jason - how many of those did you find on the Black Pearl? ;-)
dleomill said:
Except clean your ears. Even my doctor says don't stick them things in there!
Its alright to stick your elbow in your ear.
It's hard to clean your ear with your elbow.
Seriously though. I tried putting a Q-tip in that double socket and it doesn't fit! What, do I have to trim the Q-tip.
Try a pipecleaner, although they don't go by that name anymore, I think they're called chenille stems or some such.

Or chew up the end of a toothpick and cram it down in there.

Try a Dr. Brown's bottle nipple brush - as found in the Baby/Infant's bottle department.

get some of them fuzzy between the teeth cleaners in the dental department of your favorite store.

hope this helps

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Buy some hard felt at a crafts store, Cut a piece, soak in Lacquer thinner or Alcohol and run it inside a few times. Clean it out a few times.
truthfully Ive gotta say Ive never cleaned between the double socket neck on my horn and Its never given me trouble, But Bruce's idea is probably pretty solid and should clean it out
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