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I play a bundy II alto sax, on a Meyer 7M Mouthpiece w/ a 2.5 rico reed.

I am having difficulties with my altissimo register above palm D.

As you know, I am in the process of learning Grover Washington Jr's Can you Dig it song.

How can I hit an altissimo B overtone?

Do I have to voice?

When I try to do it, the reed stops vibrating, when I tighten my embouchure, no sound comes out, I can't seem to do altissimo overtones, only lower register altissimo.

I can do it with no problem on my mouthpiece without the sax, it's just that I want to be able to do it on my sax.

I don't have a teacher do to lack of funds, unfortunately, that sucks.

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Yes, it's about voicing.

Just finger an ordinary palm D note and with voicing changes that will become an Altissimo B note.

Someone can't expect to play Altissimo without changing something.

What things can be changed I hear you ask?

Well, how many ways are there to hit a nail with a hammer.

Cup your hand in front of your mouth and blow into it using airstream speed variations and tongue and throat variations to realize how many ways there are to blow into something.

The speed and angle of the air and the tongue position and throat position and embouchure can all be altered but the embouchure changes are mainly for tuning.

If someone raises the back of their tongue a bit, then their throat position changes somewhat and their airflow will also change somewhat, so change things up using the palm D fingering keeping in mind that you want to hit a B note.

For a while it will sound awful but just keep going trying to get the feel of it.

Someone can go into great details about how to ride a bike but basically someone has to just get on a bike and get the feel of how to ride a bike and it's the same sort of situation for a thing like Altissimo, just do it.
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