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2,263 Posts has a partial serial number list for Keilwerth.

Taking the most recent few entries:
1986: #91,000
1993: #99,100
1996: #104,000
1998: #109,000

Assuming that they use all the numbers sequentially and that they are just applied to saxophones, then their rate of manufacture was increasing over this period from about 1,150 per year to 2,500 per year in 1998. has a more complete serial number list for Keilwerth (although not fully agreeing with the worldwidesax list), finishing up with:

1996: #104,251
1997: #106,001
1998: #107,901
1999: #110,501
2000: #113,501

A list with the same information is referenced from Saxpics.

This list makes it look like Keilwerth would start a new year with a serial number like 1xx,001 or 1xx,501 and so possibly leave some numbers unused at the end of a year. Ignoring that, the number of saxes (or numbers used !) was something like 2,500 or 3,000 per year in 2000.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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