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I use Musicmedic’s stick shellac and I am satisfied with this product.

In contrast, I don’t use hot glue because I believe this adhesive when dry has a soggy quality that would make
pads springy and thus slow down the action.

Do I have this right?

Also I am intrigued by traditional flake shellac. It can be mixed with menthl hydrate-I believe this is the chemical- thus creating a liquid which could be injected in hard to reach places.

This should make pad setting a little easier-no?

Tradition flake shellac can also be put into pad cups and melted.

It is slow drying and this could be a great advantage in the pad setting art.

I presume once one get a feel for this adhesive one could make tiny but so important ajustments during the course of the day.

I could also save on the butane refillls I use in my micro torch.

Or is the slow drying time more of a hassle than anything else?
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