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Of course some audio files or at least a video would be nice. Not that I hold any high hopes in the sonic qualities of yet another such contraption but just in case I am mistaken and my suspicions prove never really knows. The most dangerous thing is that I see in the background a number of wooden saxophone and I strongly suspect these are the same, or of the same type, of those simulacra of a saxophones made in Thailand that all to often have seen on you tube and, dare I say, were publicised by their maker also on this forum. Totally and utterly useless as saxophones just looking nice as wall hangers. watch especially the last video of how Mr. Koh otherwise a great player struggles to play this thing anywhere nearly in tune while playing with Graham Lyons on his Lyons clarinet (and what Graham says at the end of the " jam"!)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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