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I think these Holtons may be the best C sopranos made. I have had 3 and the intonation was as good as the Bb ones of the day. Also they are rare in that they go up to high F.
Just chiming in on this slightly necro-thread:

I recently bought a Holton C from Bruce (recommended vendor! Nice guy to deal with) and I agree it's what he said. I found no inherent intonation problems in the horn (except one, see below), although its tininess and my lack of recent soprano chops make it hard to control. I'm mainly a baritone player and a voicing/embouchure adjustment that would yield a minor change in timbre on bari will pull a C soprano a half step out of tune. But that's me not the horn.

The low Bb was wicked sharp, though, so I took a piece of 1/4" thick x 1/2" wide leather, formed it into a circle, and glued it just inside the bell with a bit of contact cement; problem definitively cured and 100% reversible.

Key position on the left hand is kind of weird at first,too, but that's why we have multiple joints on each finger, so we can adapt to things that are in different places.
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