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Speaking of reviving a necro-thread...
Just picked up a Holton Bb Soprano, #113260 which makes it a 1932 Revelation, from a local shop. New pads and resonators, neck cork and key corks. Satin silver with polished silver keys and a gold wash on the inside of the bell. The lacquer is about 90%. The 10% being some flaking of the polished silver on the keys. The satin lacquer is close to perfect.

It's my first soprano and I play mostly tenor, and my chops are seriously lacking right now. Covid put the brakes on any group playing and just haven't found the motivation to practice much. Maybe this will help. The tone is great and the intonation is pretty even across the entire range that I can reach. I'm having some trouble in the extreme low and high ends of the register, but I'm chalking that up to a just horribly out of shape embrosure.

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