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Holton Sax?

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Okay, I have read many, many articles about the Holton sax and I am no closer to knowing how old mine is or what it may be worth....HELP! It was left to me by my deceased father several years ago and has been in my closet ever since. Now I am curious. It says it was made by Frank Holton in Elkhorn, Wisconsin and has the inscription EB

on the Bell. It is in the original case and is in excellent shape although a little tarnished. Any assistance in identifying it and pricing it would be greatly appreciate. Thank you, Cam Campbell:)
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It is a 1928 E flat (Eb) alto made by Frank Holton in Elkhorn, per the serial number you provided (32846). The LP stands for "low pitch"--i.e. the correct pitch for modern instruments. (There used to be high pitch instruments made too, that now won't play in tune with modern stuff.)

These older Holton alsos are very common, and not worth much, although we Holton fans like them. They go for around $150 commonly, even less.

It probably needs an overhaul too, which is $$$, which also doesn't help your resale.

Of note: Don't take a harsh cleaner to it to try to take the tarnish off--those can do damage. The sax may be worth more to you as a keepsake that it is for selling, but if you decide to sell, well--above info is realisitic.
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