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Holton Elkhorn Tenor

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Just bought an Elkhorn silver-plate B flat Tenor off ebay, sn 38XXX. Supposedly from 1917, but looking on the forum, I'm thinking probably from 1927-28. It looks very close to the tenor Holton on Saxpics, but has a "early True Tone style G sharp (typewriter-ish) key, unlike the picture. I know, I know--it's a Holton Elkhorn, but I'm fairly cheap and haven't played for years, so buying a $1500-2000 axe is not up there as a priority right now. I figured I'd take a gamble with the Holton and the reputation (or lack thereof), as well as the negative things I read about them. If it's as crappy as some say, then I'm only out a little bit. I had bought a little Buescher True Tone silver alto in '99 off ebay, and had a blast with it. It's in storage right now, since I'm in the military and move often--hence the desire for the "new" sax.

I played a Selmer Mk-VI tenor in high school--great horn, but worn (school issue!!!)--it was '87-'89--I knew it was a neat horn, but little else.

Well--I need to get the Holton playing. . .some pads are pretty sketchy, but most look OK. The horn is also dirty, but no dents at all, and faint gold wash in the bell. The post for High F needs resoldering, and the octave mechanism is bent a bit (but works). The goal is just to get the Tenor going for now--no major overhaul planned. Also, I need a mouthpiece--any recommendations (prefer big band sound)? Any recommendations in general?
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