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Holton Collegiate 577?

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Who made the Collegiate 577? It has soldered tone holes but not Martin style
and the keys are not King style. G# table unidentifiable.
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Holton, perhaps? The company was based in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The Collegiate was a student model, and from a company which was not renowned for quality saxes.
Did Holton make saxes after the 20's and 30's? This is a 40's or 50's horn so
probably a stencil of something...
I love the Holton Collegiate Tenor that I just found. They may not be renowned, but ask someone who owns one what they think. Mine is a silverplate from 1940. It will make a great blues honker. It loves to growl and blows great overtones. When you play soft it has a rich tone. It's layed out well and is smartly constructed. My only problem is a mildew smell from sitting in the case for so many years. Holton was big in the 20s from what I understand, and made saxes into the 70s.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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