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Hohner President who has owned one?

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I just bought a silver plated Hohner president. It has not made it here et, but man they look like a very solid horn. I just hope it has the pompous Keilwerth sound that my sx90r makes. Anyone care to add their 2 cents or more. I am just curious about other peoples experiences.
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I am hoping for that Connish Dexteresque sound from it.
Noone else?
Well I got mine in today...It is very solid, but not a heavy horn double socket neck..Rolled tone holes and In great shape...better yet I only paid 500 for it and it looks like a closet horn 100% original silver plate. A few small dings. I am gonna post some pictures sounds pretty good, but I don't know if I can put down my SX90 Tenor, But there is definitely some good stuff about the horn...
This is the new monster!!!!
It does have those Zephyrish keyguards, I have never owned a Zephyr, so I cannot say to much else with regard to comparing the two
Mine does not have high does have the G# and D# trill key though. I played it some earlier...It speaks very easily..doesn't seem finicky. I think I will like it once I get the mouthpiece to go with it.
Well I am taking to the blues jam tonight, and hoping it can hold up to the reputation my Keilwerth SX90 has made there. I like the horn, and it is just about the sound I want, maybe the 10m thats on the way will be over the top.
Jeez my SX90 stays in the case nowadays....I may let it go soon, I am really digging this Hohner, but still not sure yet.
1 - 9 of 16 Posts
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