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Hohner President who has owned one?

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I just bought a silver plated Hohner president. It has not made it here et, but man they look like a very solid horn. I just hope it has the pompous Keilwerth sound that my sx90r makes. Anyone care to add their 2 cents or more. I am just curious about other peoples experiences.
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Yup got one, precision pads with domed metal resos, de-lacquered and a few dings here and there. Built like a brick outhouse but some really nice touches, rths, pretty key guards, D trill key and very solid key work. Very rich in overtones at the mid and bottom end then really barks at B3 and higher.
That is interesting, are you sure it has an F sharp key? Mine has an alternate D key in the position you would normally find the F sharp. Yours does have an extra key betwen the bottom stack F and E keys, looks like a G sharp trill.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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