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Hohner President who has owned one?

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I just bought a silver plated Hohner president. It has not made it here et, but man they look like a very solid horn. I just hope it has the pompous Keilwerth sound that my sx90r makes. Anyone care to add their 2 cents or more. I am just curious about other peoples experiences.
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Hmmm yeassh, someone informed me these are MUNSTURZ so I picked up a "Hohner" on the 'bay, appears to be identical in construction to yours, RTH with the Zephyresque guards and double-sleeve neck receiver, just doesn't say "President" on it, has 2-3 extra keys, including high F#. Mine needs a complete repad (leaks all over, pads seem original), but I can tell it's a very solidly built horn -- as good as a Kohlert. Posts look identical to those used on Kohlerts, too, hmmm. I thought the one I bought would be lacquer but it appears it's an aging (yellowing) clear lacquer over silver or nickel plating because the bore inside is plated as well.
paulio said:
That is interesting, are you sure it has an F sharp key? Mine has an alternate D key in the position you would normally find the F sharp. Yours does have an extra key betwen the bottom stack F and E keys, looks like a G sharp trill.
On a Hohner, the high F# is an extra LH palm key.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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