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Hmm....Which is correct?

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Yamaha USA says this:

This product is discontinued and may not be available at all dealer locations.

Model: YSS-62
Years: 1979-1991
Key: Bb
Auxiliary Keys: High F#
Engraving: Yes
Finish: Gold Lacquer
Keys: Gold Lacquer
Finger Buttons: Pearl
Current Model: YSS-475

And the Yamaha catalogue I have says that the YSS-475, which I own, is an intermediate horn.

But, I played a 62 sop yesterday, and it is far better than my 475 - in every sense of the word. Based on the different features (the 62 has single unit base, blue steel springs, engravings, more refined craftmanship, etc.), I think that the 62 is a pro horn, like a lot of posts on the Internet say.

So, is the 62 a pro or intermediate?
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If the Z is an upgrade from the 62, then the 475 is a downgrade from it. Like Jazzhart, my understanding is that the 475 replaces the 52/32 (intermediate) series.

Marketing strategies, it is!
YSS 62 in Hands! ;-)

Thank you all for participating in this thread. I am pleased to share that I am now a happy owner of a minty (95% new) YSS 62!

As you can guess from my original post, I have traded my 475 for it - with some extra dough, of course!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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