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Hi All;

My daughter is interested in learning clarinet in the 4th grade band. Our Clarinet is a LeBlank Vito Resonite. I learned from my own experience learning sax that a lousy mouthpiece can make playing difficult and down right frustrating. I switched from my no-name brand sax mouthpiece to a Yamaha 5C and found this greatly improved my playing both in sound and ease of getting proper response from the horn.

I know that learning an instrument can be frustrating for a child and want to make this as enjoyable as possible for my daughter so that she too doesn't become frustrated to the point of giving it up.

Based on my success with Yamaha I was thinking about the Yamaha 4C mouthpiece. The band instructor recommended a Hite Premier as being a decent piece that won't cost a fortune just in case the child does give up on the horn.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these mouthpieces or their own recommendations for a student entering the 4th grade band.

Just to be clear I want to get a decent student mouthpiece for about $40.00 or less (just in case this doesn't pan out)

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I'll be very honest with you. You'll be better off in the long run by getting a good HR mouthpiece. But If you need to stay within a budget there are a few other nice 'Student/intermediate' mouthpieces that fall within your price range.

Jewel Performance or 45. These are Plastic.
Morgan Protone. This one is a rubber blend.
Bundy 3. This one is Hard Rubber.

All of these are good options for the beginning clarinetist haveing a medium-medium open tip and medium facing. If your Vito came with a Woodwind Series mouthpiece there may not be a need to switch.

BTW I only mention going with a better HR piece in the event that your daughter stays with the clarinet. You won't necessarily need to upgrade the mpc when she's ready to step up to a Intermediate/Pro horn.
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