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Historie du Tango

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Anybody know of a quartet recording of Historie du Tango?
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silversax said:
Anybody know of a quartet recording of Historie du Tango?
Assuming you're talking about the Astor Piazzolla piece. I don't know of any recordings of the quartet version, but I have a recording by Kenneth Tse for sop sax and piano (it's wonderful). I was first exposed to this piece as an arrangement for clarinet quartet. At the time I thought this was originally written for clarinet quartet, but that's probably not accurate. The clarinet quartet arrangement is really terrific, and it calls for optional doubles for Eb clarinet on the first clarinet part and alto clarinet on the third part.
I'm not aware whether this is also arranged for sax quartet.
Aha, someone has just mentioned a sax quartet recording.
Great piece of music.
Ah, Croatia Records. How could I have missed that?

Honestly - thanks. This is the best part of the net and sites like this forum.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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