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Hiscox Case Restoration

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A few months ago I bought an alto Hiscox case very cheap.

Only problem was the interior had a really bad smell and the lining inside was shot to hell. It was coming off at the edges, and some very bad DIY glueing and gaffer tape repairs weren't helping it's looks or function either.

After tearing out the lining and letting the interior air out in a dry place (my wine cellar) for a few weeks I decided to reline it with a polyester bedding and a teal crushed velvet fabric :mrgreen:

Now, I'm not very a DIY guy normally or much of a seamstress (or is seams-mister?) but I wanted to give it a shot.

I was shocked when I first pulled out the OEM lining that there was no padding besides the thin fabric lining and the few thin cushions. So I added a polyester bedding material (quite thin so as to not make the case un-closeable) as extra padding.

Then I used the skanky old lining to give me the shape and size of new lining. Once cut, I just used a butterknife to tuck the edges in the sides - which was how it was done by Hiscox originally (but probably not with a butterknife!). The new fabric's fit is definitely tight enough the hold against any movement but also has some degree of give.

After that I did the top half of the case.

BTW pretty much every step of the way I checked that my alto would fit well and that the case still closed.

Next I had to rebuild the interior compartment. The original was pretty much toast. I was again shocked to see little to no padding on the divider beside the cushion. So I added a layer of polyester bedding to the sax-side of the divider piece. After that I started my sewing adventure.

I tore out all of the foam cushion pieces and washed them by hand in laundry powder and dried them outside. Then I wrapped them in the velvet fabric, pinned them together and sewed best I could. People who can actually sew would be disgusted at my work but I keep all the hems clean and out of sight.
Luckily this plush velvet stuff hides a multitude of sewing sins! :bluewink:

Hiscox originally used glue to affix the various cushion pads which makes sense but since I have a lot of time and a serious lack of skill and equipment I thought it best to simply sew them in instead. I'd just ruin my pretty new lining by dripping glue everywhere! Plus if I do it wrong I can just unpick the stitches!

After a few hours I had them all in and the cae was done!
It really took no time at all - just a bit of patience and fore-thought and some planning.

My SML fits like a dream - nice and snug - plus the case has a new, fresh aroma!

PS I see that my placement of the top half's longer cushion is wrong. :tsk: I'll unpick and redo that now.
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Thanks Mikey! I certainly feel like I got my money's worth now :D

btw I've just fixed the top cushion position:
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Great job on the case and that sml is beautiful
Thank you! She's my pride and joy (besides my little girl in my avatar pic :))!
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