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I'm trying to start listening to jazz again. I stopped after finishing my major in music a few years ago.. haven't been playing all that much either, but am trying to start again.

When I was in school I always felt out of the loop because I was a big cannonball adderley fan and that's who I based my playing on.. while it seemed everyone else was into "hipper" stuff that my ears didn't really grasp at the time.

I started listening to lee konitz and kenny garrett, whom I still like.. ornette coleman.. I'm working on playing and listening outside of my hard bop safety net, and am curious as to who are some new strong voices on alto (or, hey, any good saxophonist I guess..) that anyone could recommend. thanks. :)

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Marshall Allen -- seek out the Mark Whitecage or the James Harrar collaborations, the newer Henry Grimes work too. Marshall is the only player I can name who can seamlessly blend the entire tradition from delta to dixie to pres to braxton, bartok to cage, all braided beautifully in place inside of a single melodic line and stretched and formed and molded into something new and totally his own; he's like the Jimi Hendrix of the Alto, only without the hangups :)

If at all possible, see him live, if only just once, just to prove to yourself that his playing is possible.

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If Cannonball ain't hip, then I don't wanna be either! Don't be ashamed of 'Ball. He's got a great sound, amazing technique, and fun, funky ideas.

Keep to it with Kenny Garrett, too.

Someone new to check out: Jacques Schwartz-Bart (album Soné Ka-La). He mixes jazz, gospel, Caribbean, and other influences into something pretty cool.

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Rosario Giuliani - will blow your socks off
Stefanp di Battista - ditto
Steve Coleman - check out his groove
Tony Kofi - top UK player
Tim Berne - top leftfield player
Zorn - why not?
Phil Woods - obviously
Vincent Herring - Bird of modern times
Antonio Hart - modern Cannonball
Peter King - UK legend

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If you like Ball you will love these cats

Jesse Davis
First Insight :D
High Standards
Second Nature

Brad Leali
Soul Priority
Live in Europe:D

Vincent Herring
Alto Summiit (great alto cd w/Phil Woods and Antonio Hart--Herring's Autunm in New York is best cut:D
Ends and Means
Simple Pleasures
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