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highest note on the tenor

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ok i want to kno what my fellow tenor saxes have been able to hit.

the highest note i hav found is a c4 i believe......maybe higher so what have you hit?

i can tell u the fingering if u want also.........:)
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Hotspur said:
I know I've hit G4 only do that when i march though so the box can here the sax section. i remeber once getting to B4 but no C I'm still learning though so I'll give myself sometime.
oh man u go 2 UH!!!!

HI baby!!!!!

hey do you kno a girl named jen hiyashi, a guy named curtis jackson, and another guy named dan fong?.....they go there as well

man i have yet to meet any tenor saxophones on this island who are any good..............i know they're out there but i have not seen or heard any

we should converse about the saxophone sometime.........if u have an aim or something.........i wuld really like 2 get into intriges me
playitfunky said:
I go up to d sharp 4. Remember though that just being able to pay the note doesn't count unless you can weave it in to a phrase that sounds good. Also if you're not playing scales and such full range to those notes you don't really have them in your arsenal yet.
ahhhhhh true true and i can for most of those say g3,a3, and those uber high ones give the most problems of putting them into context............but for me its not really a big deal right now bcause im still in high school and trying to master my instrument but i do very often get into unconventional things that i might never use in altissimo, multiphonics, and doodle tounging. as soon as my marching season ends in about 2 days i will b able to start practicing circular breathing like i friend and i laugh to eachother about this because we are like the only 2 people in our section who actually get into this kind of stuff......i guess it just helps keep us interested and mabye it reflects our advancement as well.............and this is hawaii im talking about by the way so if its normal on the mainland..........well i dont give a rats ***
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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