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Hi... I've recently got back to playing the sax regularly and decided to get some mp.I've been playing a Java A85 for the last 10 years and before anly played a Selmes C**.
I bought a Otto Link Tone Edge #6 (new) and a Otto Link STM 5* (used, from a member of SOTW).
When I got playing the TE I loved it from the 1st second. Easy and great sound and control... from soft playing to hard blowwing with complete control.
but I´ve had some difficulty with the STM on the higher octave... Obviously they are different mp, but would like you're input:
-Is this rellated to the different tip opening (I've tried harder reeds but with not mutch improvment...) --- do you think I should sell this one and get a #6 (will it make thet mutch of a difference?)
- Is it only a question of embouchure... and with a little more time playing it will be resolved
- Has anyone else had the same difficulty with this mp?

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