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well, how many " great players" are there out there and who are they?

what's the likelihood that , in general, more people, are born in spring and summer (there is a slight preponderance compared to the winter months).

If you take a large enough group of people in a large enough stretch of time you will find lots of sequential births

However other greats were born in similar or different days of the year, just a few examples:

Michael Brecker 29 March
Stanley Turrentine 5 april
Gerry Mulligan 6 april
Joe Henderson 24 april
Coleman Hawkins 19 may
Johnny Hodges 25 July
Sonny Rollins 7 september
Cannonball Adderly 15 september
John Coltrane 23 september
Stan Gets 2 february
Dexter Gordon 27 february ............
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