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Art Pepper's b-day was Sept. 1. Sonny is coming up mid-week next, on Sept. 7.

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Here is another thought.

That makes them all born under the star sign Virgo.

Guess what one of the main characteristics of Virgo is. Drive for perfection. Blessing or curse???

from a fellow Virgo!!

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well, how many " great players" are there out there and who are they?

what's the likelihood that , in general, more people, are born in spring and summer (there is a slight preponderance compared to the winter months).

If you take a large enough group of people in a large enough stretch of time you will find lots of sequential births

However other greats were born in similar or different days of the year, just a few examples:

Michael Brecker 29 March
Stanley Turrentine 5 april
Gerry Mulligan 6 april
Joe Henderson 24 april
Coleman Hawkins 19 may
Johnny Hodges 25 July
Sonny Rollins 7 september
Cannonball Adderly 15 september
John Coltrane 23 september
Stan Gets 2 february
Dexter Gordon 27 february ............
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