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High G on 1935 10M..........

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High F, F# are clear every time. That high G still eludes me. What fingering are real 10M players using on vintage 10Ms?

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Hmmmmmmmmmm..........High G from low C fingering? "Nope." As to the one you both agree upon: You mean the right-hand index (front F), the lower right-hand palm key (side Bb) + the octave key. REALLY?!!?

Wow.....what a sound! Lights are turning on. Not in my head......the neighborhood.......think I best wait till morning.

Thanks guys. I'll experiment in tomorrow's daylight and report back.
Now that the sun is up, I'm not alarming the neighbors into the streets, I've tried everyone's suggestions:

Everyone aimed at Front F with side Bb and octave key and particularly those playing 10M including Grumps, JazzHouse, but for Rennie who said she plays a 10M but uses only the Front F and octave key(!!) Wow. The latter gave me F# consistently. I'd like to know what piece you are using Rennie. But the other 10M players who added the side Bb worked for me. The side Bb seems to add stability to the least for my mouth and piece (a Barone modified STM New York Link).

A critical piece of information from Pete Thomas made everyone else's remarks make sense....."aux F" now I'm getting high G consistently (yes, jumping up and down). Though it was no help in playing high G, I particularly enjoyed whaler's trenchant observation. Ah...the missing notes from history.

Mystery solved. Thank you Pete and thank you everyone. (Re-newed love for my 10M and all my fellow SOTWers.....Rennie, your mouthpiece?)
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Glad you added that bstrom. I will try it. The F# fingering you use is what? Fingering I use is LEFT HAND: finger1, finger 3; RIGHT HAND: finger1, finger4 on the D# and yes I hold down the octave key. The result is a clear, fast speaking, steady and singing F# that can take a lot of air or a little. Sweet.

Okay......just tried both your suggestions. As regards high G, at least on my 10M, I must hold down the octave key, else high G dissolves like cotton candy in a blowtorch.

The result for F#, however, is like bullet proof. It doesn't matter whether I use the octave key or not. So that's a discovery. Thanks!

I've one other 10M issue, but will start a thread for it.
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