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Yesterday I hired a couple of young men (not illegal aliens--college kids) to help pack up my house(been in it for 25 years--lots of junk). Had them clean out the attic. Opened one of the old boxes and found a plastic University of Houston bag. Since the last time I bought something there was 1976 I was curious

Opened the bag to find the following

Scroll shank C* Selemer bari mpc that came with my MK VI low A bari I bought in high school ("67 or so)/ Last time used this mpc was 1972 when I played in the legit sax quartet at North Texas.

Like new New York Meyer 7/m/m bari mpc

Like new New York Meyer 6/m/ s-small chamber bari mpc

Brilhart 6* Sn XXXX Level Aire bari mpc --lots of big band gigs with that one

Brilhart 5* sn XXXXX Tonalin alto mpc-- high school mpc

Brilhart 3* sn XXX Ebolin clarinet

Misc clarinet mpcs and old ligatures

Conn short shank large chamber soprano mpc that came with my Conn soprano

Homemade reeds holders(plexiglass with bike tire rubber band holders) didn't make nice reed holders like they do today--you kids today are so lucky

and -- one unopened Rico BROWN box alto reeds 5's ( must of picked up the wrong strength)

Felt like a diver finding pirate ship treasure.

Will soon play test em and put some up for sale.

Never know what lerks in old attics:D

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bruce bailey said:
About 5 years ago I found a brand new Mark VI Soprano buried in the back of a closet. I got it in a dealer trade in 1979 and forgot about it. Sold it in a week fro $2,800 and felt good about it!
Like the story about Bird's custom King auctioned of for 300k plus-- was kept in case under a bed and found by a family member many years later. Makes my find like the way i play lotto-- usually miss by only five numbers
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