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This class has some bare beginners and then some people who have gigged. It meets once a week for two hours at Petaluma High school. I love it. Heres what I sent them last night after class.

I realize some of you aren't in the extension class so I apologize if this is annoying. I thought maybe you'd be interested in what we have been working on lately. Last night we

1. Warmed up with a I to IV vamp which is the A section of Soul Serinade and other songs. A7, D7. For next week the assignment is to learn the B and C sections of the song.

2. We played our "standard G major blues". We use this as a template to work on new concepts.

3. We player our standard A minor blues with the b6, v7 turn around.

4.We talked about how to comp behind solos/singers. Ways to tighten up the rhythm section connection.

5.We did an extended V7 vamp on C7 and I played Memphis underground on flute. Harder to create and build a solo using only one chord. Requires looking at how you start, ways to maintain interest. etc

6. We started Coming Home Baby , a minor blues with different turnaround. A minor and the turn around is C7, B7, Bb7, Amin.

7. We might dig into Stormy Monday Blues changes.

8 Assignment. Learn the B and C sections of Soul Serenade off of You tube . (do the Sanborn version) And

Write a song using the slow vamp Amaj7, E7 . Can be fast or slow , ballad or jazzy, whatever. this the vamp behind Just my Imagination, Limelight, and Grazzing the grass.

9. We also have Venus, and Kansas city which Mark and Bill brought in to play. Any song that isn't too hard is welcome. Just copy out the chord changes for everyone and be able to explain the form if its confusing.

We only have a few more extended sessions but next year we will review some of this and get into 32 bar song form and how to handle II Vs in songs. also we will do more work on major minor pentatonic scale and we might if it works out look at cool ways to superimpose an alternate chord over the written chord in a form. Thanks My songs are now on I tunes under my name. I continue to practice because i want to be better and hope to record a flute Cd, my second alto CD and maybe another CD with the jami jamison band this year. my best to all of you, I respect and applaud you working to get better at something you love to do. K
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