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Here's an Oddity

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I don’t see any oddity.

There weere in Italy ( but also in France and Belgium) series of saxophones made until the '60 and '70 especially made for local marching bands, with reduced keywork (initially also from Eb to low B) and they were produced for a very long time to offer a cheaper instrument to the many local “ bande “.

Sometimes this bande were called inded “ Banda Municipale” if belonged to the council of generally a small town"

The general name under which they were known was (at least in the ’70 in some shops where I used to go) “ Ministeriale” . ( The seller calls this municipale , which indicates the adjective as “ pertaining to the town Hall or council” ( Municipio)

This is one of those, made by Borgani, the logo is relatively modern , so I would think this is, at most, a late ’70 horn ( the keywork is rather more modern than the ones with bells on opposite side, I’ve had one of those) but I don’t think this was made in the ’80.

Frankly speaking this is a particularly bad example as far as the state it is.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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