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Hello friends!

Now I have seen that there have been a couple of new posts of fellow members FINALLY gathering a database for H Couf instruments.
I thought I put something out there to see if anyone has heard of a H Couf Superba I Bb Clarinet?

I was browsing online and found a charity auction which had a clarinet for sale which did not list the brand but I saw the H Couf badge on the case. The auction was around $50 so G.A.S hit me and I bought it. It was a for a good cause so, why not!?

Upon arrival I opened it and sure enough it was an H Couf clarinet, but to my surprise, it was a Superba I clarinet! I know Couf had Saxophones, Trombones, Trumpets, and cornets made being that I have a couple of those myself, but I never heard of them making clarinets -let alone a Superba I! It seems to be made with quality dark red-ish wood and with solid key-work.

It is not in any playable form right now, but if I find it is worth an overhaul, I will have it repaired and have a clarinet performance major play it and I'll post the video.

Here are some pictures I just took of it:

Do any of you know any information about this clarinet?

Who made it?

How many are out there?

Anyone else have one of these?

Any information would be helpful!

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