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It is important for bassoons with tapered tenons to get string. Especially on the small end of the long joint, where there is a lot of weight being swung around on a small thin tenon. The string adds strength.

If you were to do it on a sax neck, I would use the same rules. Cotton thread as polyester is elastic and it I would worry it would move around too much over time. I would coat the neck in contact cement just to give it some grip. The bottom layer should be nice and regular as far up as you want to go, side be side like it looks on the roll. Above that, you should move back and forth completely irregular. If you try to keep it smooth all the way up and 1 layer is a little loose, every above layer will be loose.

If you are worried it's not sealing, run teflon tape over the whole thing.
1 - 1 of 70 Posts
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