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I've committed myself on playing long tones for more than a year now and i'm still working on keeping the needle steady on the tuner. The problem i'm having is that no matter what i do my notes from D2 to F2 are way sharp on my yamaha 23. I believe i'm the problem because all the notes on the low register are very close in tune (needle wavers a little). Anything that i could try? Also i would appreciate some tips on how to get to the desire tone i'm after. heres an example of what i'm aiming for:

This guy plays merengue tipico in other words dominican folklore and i love that bright, edgy(full of overtones) tone he has. any tips on technique?
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try playing with just your mouthpiece. you should blow a concert A. probably takes a MORE RELAXED EMBOUCHURE THAN YOUR NOW USING.also it is very difficult to keep the needle steady with mouthpiece only.because there is more resistance in these three notes you are probably tightening the embouchure .
you also might want to check for leaks.
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