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For whom it might apply.

I've noticed an awful lot of posts either selling/acquiring things or asking for information that are very general. That means you either get a lot of info you don't need and/or waste your and responders' time chasing down an aspect of your general question that doesn't help. We would all get better and more specifically applicable information (and save everyone time) when we simply take some time and narrow down our posts before entering them.

Here are a few suggestions to consider:

- What is your level of experience both playing sax and musically, in general?
- Approximately what age/school group are you in?
- If seeking to buy something, what is your price range?
- What is the specific use of the equipment or information you seek?
-The policies for selling equipment is already posted, you can read that elsewhere.

Thanks for taking a look and considering this suggestion. :)

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And in addition to what Gary said:
I've been here long enough to know this isn't the first time a descriptive subject line has been requested.

This the most active forums I belong to.
In order to get through the large number of postings I quickly scan the postings' titles.
If I can't tell at a glance what your post is about, I don't bother to look at it.

I'll bet there are others who do this too.

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Great advice Gary. As true today as from when it was posted. I read so many questions where I know even with the mouthpiece or horn the poster will still have time tone intonation and scale problems. You can't buy your way out of those
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