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Hi there, I recently acquired a YBS 61 and had it completely overhauled - however, the octave key is still not right - stuck a bit on the first few plays and now it won't work at all without jamming up. I should have gone back to the repairer about it but I had a bunch of gigs and got caught up with other things (and just borrowed a friend's Yani bari to get me by in the interim). I figured when I had a bit of time to sit down and look at it properly I'd find something obvious wrong - I can see what's stopped it from working but not why it's getting stuck and how to fix.

I took a couple of short clips at different angles (showing how/where it gets stuck). I've tried looking online for videos etc for similar issues to no avail as everything I've seen hasn't been a YBS 61 and the set up is so different.

If anyone could check out my clip of it and give me some ideas it would be much appreciated :) Have uploaded to Google Drive:

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