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It seems an old bari sax and it has 2 octave thumbs one for the body and one for the neck separated. It is not the classical mechanism when the body octave pad opens by pressing G. Does anyone has seen this?

Here you can see both of them, upper one is for the body octave pad and the one on the right is for the neck octave pad.

Can you explain me how to use it?

Note: I could not see the brand of this horn, some friends have told me that it seems like one Ancora Grand Prix Paris but I am not really sure.

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yes, all saxophones had at some ancient point two octave leavers, modern saxophones have been solving this problem at some point around 1915 and around the 1920 all saxophones had an automatic octave leaver.

The way you use is the same as it happens to any modern saxophone where the side octave key is operated for all the low notes from low D ( Re) to G ( Sol) and then from A (La) on you switch over to the neck octave. Very awkward but one could get used to it ( in the last post of the thread linked below )

It stands to reason that such an old horn wouldn’t go past high Eb ( Mib)

read this

One word of caution.

Horns this old with double octave mechanism are often high pitch which means that A is somewhere around 457hz. NOT 440Hz. this is not a problem if you play alone or a detuned instrument ( guitar) but it is near impossible to play with other instruments.

Also another thing which has nothing to do with the saxophone, your Telephone prints on each picture the name of the Phone ( MI 9 with triple camera) , I am saying this for you, did you know that you can disable this function?
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