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help with mouthpiece for baritone

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:? playing a dukoff D5 on alto sax recently bought a baritone have tried the world at this stage for a baritone dukoff D5 and it is proving extremely difficult even after directly contacting dukoff it is impossible as i haven't recieved any replies to my numerous e-mails. if anyone here can help i would be extremely grateful!
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I got a Jody Jazz 7 (hard Rubber with the removable baffle). I love the thing. Easy blowing and nice tight corners.
For some reason Dukoff mouthpieces have been hard to come by lately. I was looking to get a couple of them about 7-8 months ago, and it was a journey. I think they are just really backordered.
Hi Sirium

I too have emailed Dukoff with no reply about close tipped bari pieces, but was holding out hope as it was only a couple of weeks ago, but I guess after reading your comments, I shouldnt hold my breath! I had put an ad in SOTW a while back looking a D4, as I found charts with these listed, but someone kindly pointed out that they were no longer made.

RPC always held a fascination with me as they are so highly regarded, but Ron declined to make me one in the small tip I was requesting. I play a selmer ebonite S80 C* which Hakukani suggested putting a baffle in, and this has helped a lot with projection and brightening up the piece.

Good luck in your search!

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