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My Bari sax piece.
For many years I have used a Berg Hard rubber piece, a few years back I unfortunately dropped it and broke off the tip. I sent it off to the late great Jon Van Wie.
He made me an entirely new tip, told me the table wasn't flat, fixed that, but in the process he eliminated the baffle all together. The piece plays better than it ever did.
110/2 sms chamber. About 6 months ago, I dropped it again, broke the tip in a different spot. However, I use a rubber patch which kept the piece some what attached.
I super glued it back on, sanded out the excess glue with an emery board and its worked fine ever since.
HERE IS THE ISSUE. As a precaution, I bought a newer Berg for backup, 110/1 sms chamber. With the baffle you would think it would be brighter, right? WRONG!
It was actually stuffy. So, yesterday, I said what do I have to loose? I filed out the baffle, & go figure the piece plays great, almost as good as my old one, not quit as much edge but certainly passable.
What I want to know is why? No baffle, more projection, & brighter sound, I thought it was suppose. to be dark with no baffle, can anyone explain?
By the way, Im not complaining, its actual pretty good now.
Just looking for an answer.
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