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help with gig setup

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I need a little advice on equipment I might need.I don't know a whole lot about equipment setup, I've pretty much just played on a church worship team and have only ever had a mic, I played into ,in front of me.The last couple of years I've played a few gigs with a band.I play a guitar and a wind controller along with a sax.Here's the question.What's the best thing I can get to plug my instruments into and send one line back to the board?I need something simple. I feel so lost during the setup and feel guilty asking the other musicians to help me with setup. Thanks
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Thanks for all the info.There's a lot of options and so much equipment but you have definitly helped me narrow my search and which direction I could go.I get a lot of advice from guitar players, drummers but I feel it's better to get it from the guys that actually play my instrument. God Bless
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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