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help with gig setup

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I need a little advice on equipment I might need.I don't know a whole lot about equipment setup, I've pretty much just played on a church worship team and have only ever had a mic, I played into ,in front of me.The last couple of years I've played a few gigs with a band.I play a guitar and a wind controller along with a sax.Here's the question.What's the best thing I can get to plug my instruments into and send one line back to the board?I need something simple. I feel so lost during the setup and feel guilty asking the other musicians to help me with setup. Thanks
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I use and would recommend anything that meets your needs in the Rolls Mixer line. They are cheap and quiet. Here is what I use.

Six inputs (1/4 and xlr) with monitor out for you (if needed). Mic in one, guitar in one, wc in one. You can even run an effects unit thru one of the empty channels which makes controlling the level easier than using the tiny knobs.
They make smaller models which may be even easier to use.
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