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help with clarinet mouthpiece please Uebel FAU

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Anyone ever used, bought, sold or have any info on a FA Uebel clarinet mouthpiece? I acquired one with a Noblet Artist N and cannot find any information. They do not appear to sell them anymore and go for Vandoren or ESM with new kit. The one I have plays freely and reduces my 2.5/3 reed to more like a 1!!. It has 9912 written on it vertically bear the cork. I have no idea of quality or value but someone decided to choose this to pair with the Noblet Artist clarinet, itself the top of the range Noblet before the Leblanc clarinets. So, any info gratefully received, please!! It plays very easily, good tone yet I feel something is very different to other mouthpieces.
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actually F.A. Uebel still sells mouthpieces both for German and French system (scroll to mouthpieces)

F. Arthur Uebel GmbH
Gewerbepark 58, 08258 Markneukirchen, Deutschland
Tel.: +49 37422 401 972
e-mail: [email protected]

I found that site but no price info so I could understand their value and/or how decent they are? Thank you for passing that on.........mine is clearly older with only the FAU logo, small, and 9912 which may be a serial or a style/type? The hunt goes on......
Thank you for that info..............I imagine they are not a go to for many. Your thought re EMS taking over from FAU may be correct given that they are an offered m/p if lucky enough to buy an Uebel! c£100 is a decent return on a "free" mouthpiece, however I remain confused about the easy of blow and loudness. Reminds me of a starter m/p in some cases but I suspect this is far from that. I have read that ease of blow may be aimed at doublers so when swapping between sax and clarinet find the transition much easier.
I really don't think that Uebel was particularly into providing doublers with either clarinets or mouthpieces. I think that , like most pieces provided with any give brand of music instruments, this was a pretty standard design and maybe just different from what you are used to.

Anyway since the company is active I suggest you send them your questions.
Was interest piqued really...........not being able to find a great deal of info, the marked difference in blowing, so different to the other 15 mouthpieces I have acquired.

I will measure and see where it sits.........odd really so much is out there in the big wide web world, covering so much, yet it is pretty quiet re these m/p's. I had read somewhere that there were efforts made to make the difference between sax and clarinet techniques as small as possible (for the doublers) and that this was part of Uebel's criteria ar one point. Whether it continued into EMS m/p's, the subsequent de facto m/p, I do not know. But hey, maybe you are right, contact them and ask the questions!
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